ESPAnet Streams

5-7 September in Stockholm

ESPAnet conferences attempt to stimulate exchange among scholars in the field of European social policy analysis and to promote inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches. The 17th Annual ESPAnet Conference 2019 focuses Social Citizenship, Migration and Conflict – Equality and opportunity in European welfare states. 

The conference will be organised in the following 28 streams. Click on the links below for more information. 


  1. Atypical Employment in the Context of Cultural Change and Welfare State Change
  2. Migration, welfare and political contestation in the European space
  3. Social Policy and Lone Parent Families: Recognizing Diversity
  4. On justice in social policy 
  5. Reconciling ecological and social citizenship? 
  6. Comparative Methodology: Causal Inference in Social Policy Analysis
  7. Care in times of flexible employment
  8. Social inequalities in ageing
  9. Family policy, gender and modern work-family dilemmas
  10. The Politics of Social Investment in Europe and around the World
  11. Social Europe: Welfare policies and European integration 
  12. Emerging issues for church-state welfare settlements in the current era of populism, identity politics, and economic uncertainty
  13. European social policy from non-European Perspectives
  14. Migrant and transnational families’ access to formal and informal welfare 
  15. Social assistance and activation measures: mechanisms and impacts
  16. Integrating young people in the labour market, integrating methodologies
  17. Street-Level Organizations and the Contested Politics and Practices of Refuge in Europe
  18. Social citizenship in the technological era
  19. Health, social exclusion, and social policy solutions
  20. Reforming pension systems – inequalities in employment, retirement and wellbeing in later life
  21. The Politics of Education
  22. Immigration and the welfare state
  23. The social legitimacy of the welfare state and public opinion: Welfare values and attitudes as drivers and consequences of social policies
  24. The financialization of housing
  25. Innovative approaches to labour market inclusion
  26. Migrant care workers: Patterns of integration and social policies 
  27. Bringing the citizens back in: Understanding the impact of neoliberal welfare reforms from a citizens’ perspective
  28. Open Stream