Stream 24: The financialization of housing

Valesca Lima and Romana Xerez

The commodification of housing and the changes in housing and urban policies encompasses the new paradigm of globalisation and neoliberalism. The new paradigm is mainly based on the withdrawal of states from the housing sector and the implementation of policies designed to create stronger and larger market‐based housing finance models. As cities continue to grow rapidly, the demand for housing asset costs.

The Financialization of housing comprises the interdependence between housing and finance – with government complicit in this process to varying degrees. Housing and finance were previously facilitated locally by rooted access to credit for homeowners, but now housing is a tool for global investment rather than the provision of home and shelter (Aalbers, 2016).

This conference stream aims to looked at the different aspects of housing risk as financial risks, the dominance of financial actors and practices and narrative of housing movements trying to contest the marketization of housing. This stream will provide a special forum for researchers, policy makers and practitioners to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of academic institutions, government departments, and private sector organisations. Within the specific stream subthemes listed below, we will cover broad areas of current and emerging issues related to the financialization of housing in Europe and beyond.

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